Building Management System & Green Tech Solution

Built on a solid foundation based from Sweden with a strong partnership approach, in which teamwork delivers results. BMS & Green Tech Solutions are proud to follow call and now offer this same Green Tech Solution to our Clients and partners here in Tokyo Japan. With the on-going calls to reduce energy used, Japan TEPCO has stated a 17% rise aimed towards the larger corporates both commercial and industrial building owners, operating from the higher Kilowatt power grid. With this call we understand the need to co-operate with such power users and offer the solution that has been developed to perfection, with performance data proof that Energy reduction of up to 20% is achievable, and still keeping the high comfort levels needed. The term Building Management Systems (BMS) encompasses a wide variety of technologies, which include energy management systems and building controls.

BMS & Green Tech Solutions function is to control, monitor and optimize, building services, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, alarm systems and some electrical appliances.

BMS & Green Tech Solutions is working with several different companies in a network, to respond to both large and small projects. We provide a turnkey installation with functional responsibility and subsequent support after completion of delivery.

Through our global team of company branches and independently-owned dealers, we offer industry-leading technology with local, on-the-ground service that is hard to beat.