Alarm server

Larmia Control presents the new LCAlarmServer. This software replaces the built-in alarm handling in ATLANTIS SCADA from version 4.0, but can also be integrated into older versions. 
This software extends the possibilities to send alarms to different receivers, such as: 

  • E-mail (dial-up modem or dedicated)
  • SMS (dial-up or GSM modem)
  • Minicall (dial-up modem)
  • Relay outputs (com. port)
  • Printer (TCP/IP, serial or parallel)
  • Fax (dial-up modem)

New and improved software for alarm settings. All alarms are saved in text format, therefore, regardless
of operational disturbances, the alarms remain in the system.

  • All SCADA systems that transmit alarms via text files are importable to the LCAlarmServer.
  • The server is capable of handling several plants (servers).
  • 20 different receivers (profiles) for each receiver type.
  • Built-in test alarm for easy simulation.
  • Updates and settings are easily made through the configuration interface.
  • Detailed text log on all events.
  • Simple input using ”popup” windows.
  • Simple activation/deactivation of transmissions.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Password protected database.
  • The LCAlarmServer can use the same port as RAS (Remote Access Service).
  • Alarm transmissions are based on different profiles with editable alarm class, alarm area, date/time and
  • alarm status. 
  • Alarm areas are edited through the ATLANTIS SCADA Edit program