The LS920 is an intelligent modular PLC, which can execute all kinds of control and regulation and can work by itself or as a satellite to the main SCADA system. The LS920 can be programmed on-line from a main computer and has a powerful 32-bit processor. Up to 96 I/O in one basic unit. Robust mechanical and electric construction permits change of modules under voltage. All modules are galvanic insulated. Disconnectable wire-protected 2,5 mm2 terminals with secure contacts. LED´s on the module-panel for indication of status. 48 LED´s each with 3-colour choice and legible text by every LED. Optional placement in object-programming.
New alarm: Flashing red light
Acknowledged alarm: Fixed red light. Memory and delay as an ordinary alarm-panel. Alarms can also be wied on the display. 1000 events can be saved in the CCU eventlist.
Digital out/in: Yellow LED for digital out and green for digital in. In case of a conflict there is a red alarm. The basemodule can be provided with up to 12 pcs I/O modules which are available with the following functions:
Display with 4 rows x 20 characters and backlight gives clear information and easy parameter programming. Keyboard with clear commands gives possibilities for an easy-to-use interface.

MDI-8 8 digital inputs
MPI-8 8 pulse counting inputs
MDO-4 4 relay outputs
MDO-7 7 relay outputs
MAI-6 6 analog inputs (16-bits resolution)
MAO-4 4 analog outputs (12-bits resolution)

Technical data

Power requirement 230V AC 50Hz, 20-40VA
RAM memory Up to 1 MB
PROM memory Up to 1 MB
Main processor 32/16 bits
Panel processor 8 bits
Battery backup Clock and memory maintenance-free for 10 years
Communication On line com RS485Dial-up RS232, max 127 outstations/line
Temperature 0-50°C
Dimensions Panel W x H x D, 483 x 132 x 40mm
Dimensions I/O unit W x H x D, 485 x 170 x 110mm
CE marked acc. to EMC: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3LVD: EN 60950


Technical Description