BMS Green Tech Solution provides a real time view of your building operations, no matter where you are.

The more you can see how your facility is performing, the more control you will have to reduce costs, without reducing the comfort of those within the property. BMS Green Tech Solutions meets every building management need. Wireless or wired field controllers and devices, sensors and monitors provide a direct internal user grid for absolute control over mechanical and HVAC equipment. Delivering a network-wide coordination for single or multiple, sites. The result is an integrated, fully comprehensive, total control solution for your facility – properties and buildings no matter where they may be located.

With our technology, you get increased visibility into building operations which allows a fine tuned way to resolve problems faster and easily. On-site or remotely. You are able to modify equipment and adjust the settings, for system control parameters to maximize efficiency and comfort, this power of control is now remarkably available from your mobile device. BMS Green Tech Solutions have made it easy to customize applications for your enterprise. The commitment we have developed is to create a control system tailored to your specific requirements.

Not only is our system technology easy to program and commission, it also offers multiple networking communications, critical data sharing across the network, with remote access via multiple communication technologies and channels. BMS Green Tech Solutions is easy to see, and easy to use, with superb graphic user interface.

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