Voksenåsen, Oslo Norge

Hotel and conference facility with Oslo's most beautiful view

In addition to being a hotel and conference facility with Oslo’s most beautiful views, Voksenåsen is also a symbolic building. As Norway’s national gift to Sweden as a thanks for the help after World War II, Voksenåsen carries on an important piece of our common history. It is also a place full of meetings, culture and culinary experiences. In connection with Voksenåsen’s efforts to improve the energy efficiency of the property and to switch to geothermal heat, BMS installed Green Tech Solutin’s control and monitoring system in the buildings. Overall, the measures have meant that Voksenåsen saves 40 per cent of previous energy consumption. By connecting the control system to the hotel reservation system, you can heat up only the rooms to be used. On a plant that appears to be integrated in nature, it is of course positive to be as sustainable as possible.

Customer: Voksenåsen Conference and hotel / State property office*
Area: 7000 sqm (utility area)
BMS has delivered:
· 84 hotel rooms controlled, regulated and monitored
· 2067 I / O · 6 AVALON W16 ”PLC.
· 76 Carbon modules.
· 1 PC with ATLANTIS SCADA software
· Full control of 9 air handling units
· 2 rock heat pumps, each with power of 160kW

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